MACBOOKAIR: Online, but not back to where I was

OK, it came back from Apple wiped.

❶ Lost the Snow Lepord OSX, Iworks, and Ilife upgrade. Have to find the distribution disks. (That was last year. Know how much stuff has flowed under the proverbial bridge?)

❷ CARBONITE did its job. All my data is back. (Not software. Ouch!)

❸ DROPBOX put an extra data backup in its folder. (Data back up redundancy. Love it.)

❹ GOFLEX drive did NOT back up the applications directory. (ARGH! Not recommending that any time soon.)

❺ What ever clipboard manager I was happily using B.A. (before Apple mucked it) is lost in the mists of memory. (Note to self: keep your own manifest of what’s on the machine! Argh!)

❻ Dumped Apple’s lame MAIL Client. Deployed THUNDERBIRD3. (PIA to redefine all those accounts. Would have had to do it for APPLEMAIL. So bite the bullet.)

❼ Blogs have been neglected and irregular during this adventure.

❽ Old APPLEMAIL archives are “lost”. Argh!

❾ Oh, and thanks Apple for the “Thanks for purchasing your Mac.” message. Argh!

❿ Old system of accounts on the MACBOOKAIR is wiped. Guess I’ll just forget about “separation” of USER and ADMINISTRATOR roles. Argh!

The adventure continues.

p.s., I dumped APPLE’s software for Open Office.

p.p.s., Started a “manifest” of stuff I put on like NVU.


# # # # # posted 2010-12-11 09:05

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