SOFTWARE: ECTO, the blog posting software, developed a bug

ECTO, the blog posting software, developed a bug … …

… … it lost the left column of the main screen that allows you to select the blog you want to post to. Nothing on the support site and I know they take days to reply. So, I tool a change and reinstalled.

Problem solved.

The MACBOOKAIR has to go in again. (Monday?)

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INTERESTING: Buying decisions are the equivalent of “micro elections”

The TSA’s False Tradeoff
by Bob Murphy

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The market economy solves this problem effortlessly through market prices and the profit-and-loss test. If a car factory is using up resources that consumers would prefer go into alternate sectors, this fact manifests itself objectively when the accountant announces that the car factory is “losing money.” After all, to be unprofitable simply means that the car factory cannot earn enough revenues from its customers in order to pay the prices for resources that other entrepreneurs are able to afford. That is the sense in which consumers are “voting” (through their spending decisions) that the car factory either reform or shut down.

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We need to emphasize more these micro elections and de-emphasize the Gooferment.

We can control corporations with the very fine razor of individual buying decisions. No bureaucrats needed.

The Gooferment on the other hand is immune to our intentions. Completely.

Like some wag said, “if elections changed anything, they’d be outlawed”!

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