INTERESTING: … in that it demonstrates how fragile the financial “eco-system” is

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ONE of Australia’s biggest banks is scrambling to process payments to millions of customers, who potentially face days of uncertainty about when they will be able to access their money.

A corrupted file in the National Australia Bank’s computers on Wednesday jammed its payment system, hitting customers from a range of banks who rely on the NAB to process payments.

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As an IT guy, I assume they are talking about a corrupted database, where the the software develops the IT equivalent of Alzheimer’s. (“Let’s see Joe Jones’ record please.” “Don’t have Joe’s in that slot have Sam’s.” “Tilt. Summon programmer.” To which the programmer says: “<synonym for excrement>” and schedules rebuilding the index. That’s like a Doctor’s secretary having to go through every file folder recreating an index into the filing cabinet. Long and cumbersome for people. Same for computers.) The fact that there’s a “holiday” around when the problem occurs makes me suspect that there was a change or testing going on. When I had a Dister Recovery Group, Tday Weekend was a great time for testing. Basically four days with minimal requirement from “real people”. It’s one of the most highly sought weekends by IT people to do “stuff”. So, when ANY holiday comes, think of the herds of nerds globally changing stuff. If that doesn’t inspire you to take a little extra cash and make a few preps for at least a little outage, then you are truly clueless. :-)

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JOBSEARCH: Is the “age of the job” over?

10 Tips for Job Seekers from an Employer (CEO)
November 23rd, 2010

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OH MY GOSH, the ignorance in this country kills me (I declined the invite to blog about this saying I would write a scathing post, but he said that was okay, they want conversation. So, converse in the comments :) ). And it really, really hurts everyone. Here are his 10 points, I’m only going to comment on the last one:

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Perhaps, the era of “the job” is over. Like the “gold watch” era, the American Worker has now grown up, and had the triple veil of naivete, ignorance, and deception ripped away.

• naivete — Not realizing that there has to be value creation in order for the enterprise to reward the worker’s efforts with some of that value. Think UAW member who goofs off.

• ignorance — Not realizing that they were getting screwed by their employer in: salary, bonus, pension and benefits. As well as by their government in: inflation, taxes, “regulation”, bailouts, and ponzi schemes <Social Security and Unemployment Insurance>. Think working for the American Dream and having it taken away.

• deception — Not realizing that the leaders and managers of the “company” and the “Government” were lying to them. (Far beyond spin. Look you right in the eye, and lie to your face.) The annual appraisal ritual with its “political” adjustments <Not everyone can be outstanding>, “pensions and benefits” are for your good <Peanuts to fool you into thinking we care>, and finally appeals to “team spirit” (work through the tough times to get laid off when it suits the leadership).

I’d suggest that in self-defense, people have become cynical. To quote one of the “judge shows”, “Wouldn’t believe him if his tongue was notarized.”

IMHO, I think we are seeing that there is a glacial movement in the employment marketplace. Folks are realizing that they may have to work to survive, but that their interests may NOT align with the enterprise. In fact they DO NOT align.


Not on your life. Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

I see people trying to form their own businesses. Much like you did. If I can’t have a full time job, maybe I can have a dozen part-time ones. If I do have a full time job, maybe I can have a webfront to sell seashells from the seashore. If I do have job, I don’t expect to keep it.

Job hopping may be back in vogue because I don’t care if you, the employer, like it, I have to protect myself. And, if it suited your bottom line, I’d be on the unemployment line so fast my head would spin.

No. It’s not “job hopping”; it’s self-defense.

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