CORRUPTION: BoA and USA with US Treasury incest

December 18, 2010
RE: Bank of America Cuts Off WikiLeaks

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“How many times and for how long can an ostensibly private organization behave like an adjunct of the state before it ceases to be private?” Bank of America is a corrupt, bloated, and poorly run organization. They’d be out of business now if not for their easy access to the US Treasury and for their untrammeled access to favors from the Fed and from people like Geithner.

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Corporations are a creation of the Gooferment.

Politicians and bureaucrats use their “creation” (i.e., corporations) to bribe themselves in exchange for favorable tax, regulatory, or franchise benefits.

Politicians and bureaucrats also use “corporations” as tax collectors. Only real people pay taxes. Corporate taxes are really just pass throughs to real people. Makes the calculation of how much you are really paying in “taxes” incalculable.

For example, on that can of beans you have in your hand, (pretend you can actually afford beans), how much of the purchase price is taxes? How much did Campbells or BushBeans pay in taxes? And, how much tax is in every component of that can and contents? And don’t forget the gas tax to deliver the components and the can of beans itself to where ever! It’s incalculable!!!

Finally, don’t forget what passes for “money” in this country. There’s a hidden tax in that as well. Every paper dollar is backed by the “full faith and credit of the United States”. We know what that is worth. There’s no limit on the number of dollars that the Gooferment via its enabler the Federal Reserve Bank, which itself is a corrupt banking cartel for the benefit of the elite bankers, can print.

So, “We, The Sheeple” are fooled by the meme of “government” and “corporations”. These are just “costumes” worn by men to oppress other men. The “Gooferment” is like your thumb and “corporations” are the fingers. How can you say they are not workign together.

To all our detriment!

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RANT: How can you exclude energy and food?

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News Alert from The Wall Street Journal

U.S. consumer prices barely gained in November, rising just 0.1% from the prior month, as energy prices saw their smallest increase in five months. So-called core inflation, which excludes energy and food prices and is closely watched by the Fed, inched ahead by 0.1%, the first move after three flat months.

The annual underlying inflation rate was 0.8%, well below the Fed’s informal target of between 1.7% and 2%. The central bank’s policy-making committee Tuesday signaled that it thinks core inflation remains too low–a key factor in last month’s decision to start buying $600 billion in Treasury bonds.

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How can you exclude energy and food? Planing to stop eating any time soon? And, “energy” is in EVERYTHING that moves. Just between you and me, and the Western World, my gasoline price has gone up a dime in the last few weeks!

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