POLITICAL: Deny Congress everything


December 05, 2010
Deny Congress FICA Payroll Tax in the General Fund
Erroll Ivery

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It was not just a “change in budget presentation.” The net result of lending payroll tax to the federal government under a unified budget was divestiture of all trust funds. Congress then spent surplus payroll tax, instead of leaving it in the trust fund and investing it in money market investment accounts, for example, to earn interest and preserve capital during years of surplus payroll tax. Instead of asking the American worker to compensate for Congress’ fiscal irresponsibility, Congress should re-capitalize the Social Security Trust Fund with payroll tax deposits. Any deficit in receipts needed to pay benefits should then come from the General Fund.

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I don’t understand why we continue the fiction that this is a “separate program”, “insurance”, or even an “entitlement”. It’s a welfare program that has been marketed

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2 Responses to POLITICAL: Deny Congress everything

  1. reinkefj says:

    >how can we

    Get behind DownsizeDC with the Read The Bills, One Subject At A Time, and other such initiatives. You need to talk to your fellow voters.

    >in a lot of trouble

    We are. You is. The kids are screwed!

  2. John F says:

    This is a little off the topic, but the title of “Deny Congress Everything” caught my eye. It reminded me of how mad I got yesterday when I saw that Congress was adding all sorts to pork to the bill for extending the current tax rates. All to get votes, by adding something that will sway a vote for one Congressman or another. How can we stop this nonsense! How can we make them create a bill, vote on it for it’s own merit, and be done with it. That way we would also know how our representative ‘really’ felt about the bill, not that he voted for it to get something. We are in a lot of trouble if we cannot corral these bozos.

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