FUN: Thank you, DeWalt!!!

LUDDITE says: “A must have in every home in America !”

*** begin quote ***

For everyone who would rather not have a gun in the house!

In view of the recent Supreme Court ruling, sales of this new product may skyrocket.

The dummies in Washington think they are going to take away our guns, so check this out.  I like it!

They’d NEVER think of NAIL GUNS!

They’re concentrating on doing away with the BULLET-TYPE of ammunition! HAH!  I think I’m going to buy some NAIL GUNS and NAILS,
and, we don’t even have to REGISTER them or have LICENSES for them!


In addition, you don’t have to worry about them being CONCEALED!

Once in awhile something so totally cool comes out that even a guy who doesn’t normally even know what he would like for Father’s Day or Christmas would immediately ask for it:

Thank you, DeWalt!!!

Thank you, DeWalt!!!

New Nail Gun, made by DeWALT

It can drive a 16-D nail through a 2×4 at 200 yards.
This makes construction a breeze; you can sit in your lawn chair and build a fence.
Just get your wife to hold the fence boards in place while you sit back,

relax and when she has the board in the right place, just fire away.
With the hundred round magazines, you can build the fence with a minimum of reloading.  After a day of fence building with the new DeWalt Rapid fire nail gun, the wife will not ask you to build or fix anything else, probably, ever again.

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