POLITICAL: Theodore Sorensen wrote “Profiles in Courage”; not JFK?

I thought you would be interested in the following story from The Wall Street Journal.


Theodore Sorensen Dies at 82

Around my high school — eons ago, told to me by Brother Cronin, in a rare moment of honesty, that he thought — and several of the other Brothers thought — that Sorenson wrote JFK’s ‘profiles in courage’. And, further that old Joe paid ‘Theodore’ a princely sum to do it and keep his mouth shut. That earned ‘Theodore’ seat at the table and they knew he could compromise his ethics for a check. I just wonder….. when I read this headline I remembered that. FWIW. It was my first “tin foil hat” experience that I remember. Where an authority figure speculated that we might be consuming a load of “barbara streisand”. As Judge Judy says, “I should have put on my listening ears”, because I think we have been fed a lot of “barbara streisand” from a lot of “authority figures”. Argh! Too late we get smart?

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