GOVERNACIDE: Only vets should vote


Today, I think and pray for all the dead — vets, non-vets, the “draft dodgers”, and those that have had their lives ruined by wars throughout our history.

I’m reminded of Washington’s “entangling alliances”. I think of Heinlein’s “Only vets should vote” and decide when to send troops in harm’s way. I think of all the venial politicians and some of the larger mass murders, some of whom were Presidents; they have led us astray.

But mostly I pray for all the lost potential.

And, of course, for my fellow vets, for the boys and girls in the field, and for the “dim bulb” politicians and bureaucrats who can’t seem to steer us to peace.

Signed, a USAF vet 70-73, who defended Maryland to the best of his meager abilities!

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