POLITICAL: Healthcare debate


Sunday, June 21, 2009
Health care naysayers

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Republicans were out in force, trying to kill the kind of healthcare reform that Americans — if opinion polling is any indication — desire and expect. All are claiming to support reform, but none seem to be listening to the majority, which repeatedly says it wants a public plan as an alternative to the current system — and that it trusts the government to manage health care coverage better than the insurance companies.

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(1) Put me down as a naysayer. And, I am not an R. Nor am I a D.

(2) Hope you’re not relying on that NY Times “poll”. Non-partisan stats lookers find that they polled 66% D’s versus 33% R’s. Polling partisans isn’t really polling.

(3) While the insurances companies may not be the ideal gatekeeper of health care, do you really want some version of Amtrak or the Post Office doing it?

(4) How about some “baby steps”, to make sure that we don’t kill what we got, disconnect employment from health insurance. Allow health care to be tax deductible to the individual and treat it like life insurance. (Note: see how cheap life insurance is and how expensive health insurance is. Why is that?)

(5) When Hillary tried to nationalize health care, everyone saw it as socialism. (Which works so well else where.) Her methods turned everyone off. Here is is again. Methods are slightly more “open”. BUT again, like the bailouts, we are being hustled and rushed. DO it now! Can’t wait. That’s the clear sign of a scam.

(6) The Government can not be both the participant in and the referee in this future fiasco. It will set the rules and then “compete” in the marketplace. Please lets not fool ourselves. EVERYONE knows that the Left’s objective is to takeover healthcare. It’s always been that. They have even said that in leaked audios and video. Sometimes they even say it in rare moments of honesty. So let’s not kid ourselves. It’s the Communist Manifesto playbook. This is all about ensure Democratic voters forever. This is all about control. This is a giant scam!

Government is the meme that kills and enslaves its citizens.

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