INTERESTING: Obama’s White House play book

The President Is ‘Keeping Score’
Chicago politics has moved into the White House.

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Alinsky’s 1971 book, “Rules for Radicals,” is a favorite of the Obamas. Michele Obama quoted it at the Democratic Convention. One Alinsky tactic is to “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” That’s what the White House did in targeting Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santelli and Jim Cramer. (The president’s press secretary, Robert Gibbs, went so far as to lash all three from the White House press podium.) It may also explain Mr. Obama’s comments to Mr. DeFazio.

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It’s the same old tired politics as usual. The Big Government D’s took over from the Big Government R’s and are spending our posterity into servitude. And, they don’t realize it.

But we old farts should and resist.

Guess that will put me on an enemies list somewhere.

I hate all the politicians.

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