NEWJERSEY: Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians!

Republican Lawmaker Calls on Corzine to Release Monetization Documents
Thursday, October 04, 2007 – Millennium Radio

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State Senator Tom Kean, Jr. (R) on Wednesday sent a letter to Governor Jon S. Corzine demanding that he authorize the IRS to release documents relating to the governor’s still-in-the-works secret plan to possibly lease or sell New Jersey’s toll roads to generate revenues, the so-called asset monetization plan. Kean accused the Corzine administration and Trenton Democrats of intentionally withholding details of the plan until after the November election.

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This is one of those typical giant Nu Jerzee jokes.

Like why are school bond votes taken in the spring of a year?

To put them as far away from the election as possible.

Why are property tax rebates send out just before the election?

To make the voters think that politicians care!

So here’s the next one.

The Guv has a “secret plan” to take the State’s assets to the proverbial Wall Street pawnshop. It’s so secret that every knows that it’s going to happen right after the election. Then all the politicians, komisars, and bureaucrats can spend till it’s all gone. It’s like taking a second mortgage to go on a seven day drunk. Why would anyone in their right mind think this way?

Normal people don’t.

Politicians are NOT normal!

So, they just want to coast thru this election and the voters will have two years to forget. I bet the vote to hock the Turnpike will be done by year end.

The Guv’s telling everyone the plan isn’t ready for the public. Sure. You figure it out and he may have a Florio style tax revolt on his hands.

The Republicans are not even making a very BIG deal about it. Remember these “two parties” are really just two sides of the same coin. And, they’ll get their share for keeping quiet.

It’s FRAUD. A sham pulled on the sheep of NJ.

How do you stop it?


Jim Gearhart has coined the term — GRIP! Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians!

As he says: “Hold your nose and vote against anyone who is in office now.”

Of course, they are no better than the person that you are voting out. But next election, you can do it again. Revolving door? Sure. But the current voting pattern isn’t doing us any good. Time to shake things up.

Turn out the gang in trenton. A new gang could NOT possibly be any worse than what we have. If you don’t, then be prepared for more borrowing, more spending, tool hikes, and tax hikes. It’s a done deal as if it was coming down from the mount on stone tablets. Our only chance is to scare the “barbara streisand” out of them. Voting our every incumbent in the assembly and those up for reelection in the Senate would surly scare them.

Get mad! Get a GRIP!

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4 Responses to NEWJERSEY: Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians!

  1. reinkefj says:

    Check your local politician’s web page?

  2. amig says:

    Where does one find a list of all the incumbent politicians?

  3. reinkefj says:

    >career bureaucrats, lawyers and lobbyists

    Well, I’d say that we have to extract the “profit” from those positions. It amazes me that people spend million to get a job paying thousands. Eliminate the pensions. Eliminate the ability to spend the people’s money. And, of course, as Shakespeare advised “kill all the lawyers”. :-) Maybe we need a lot less “law”; more anarchy!

  4. Robert says:

    I am a GRIP practitioner. But I must say that continuing to turn out elected politicians will only be the beginning. If career bureaucrats, lawyers and lobbyists remain intact, they sill simply set upon the newly elected. How to deal with this?

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