LIBERTY: FDR deserves a special place in hell!

Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor
by Robert Stinnett

This book refutes the official story that the ’41 Pearl Harbor attack was a surprise. The author does an impressive job of absolutely blowing the topic wide open.

Starting from the “Arthur McCollum memo” of 10/07/40, he tracks thru record after record that squarely places the blame on the duplicitous politician that has become an America icon. Like some of other icon, we are finding that they have worse than clay feet.

Like Wilson, FDR was elected on a platform of keeping us out of war. Like Wilson, he shoved us into it.

From the book, it is clearly proved that FDR was personally reading all significant Japanese radio traffic. He was receiving all sorts of analysis that was unmistakable. As a crypto type, I found that the wealth of material was overwhelming as evidence.

It’s apparent from the book, that FDR did everything except send them the plans how to do it. From keeping the FBI in check when they wanted to take down the spy mapping the harbor (page 97) to the “clear sea” order (page 150), his “fingerprints” are all over everything.

The author also point out how the American Congress was deceived by the Executive Branch as late as 1995 about the true nature of Pearl Harbor. We need some criminal trials of the people who testified in those hearings.

I remember in history classes hearing the idea that FDR knew about Pearl Harbor before it happened and it was debunked as conspiracy nonsense. This book just demolishes that whole discussion. I was taught by Christian Brothers who fought in the Pacific. I know they would be stunned to read this book. They were tough men and might have even led a revolution if the truth got out.

At the very least, the history taught in the gooferment skoolz needs some serious revision.

And, like Lincoln and Wilson, their iconic status needs to be changed from “heroic” to “criminal”. Hopefully the Intelligent Designer has a special place in the after life for them.

And, when I hear “conspiracy theories”, I am NOT going to dismiss them out of hand.

And, I am some much less likely to believe anything that the gooferment tells me. Even less than before I read this book. I urge you to read this fellow’s opus Magnus. It’s impressive.

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