VIN SUPRYNOWICZ: The charter for unlimited government

Sunday, March 26, 2006

If you have read him, then read SUPRYNOWICZ’s stuff for an education in little L libertarianism. He can really hit the nail heads.

{Begin Quote}

The Constitution certainly does authorize the federal government to regulate interstate commerce. If the state of Ohio were to enact a selective tariff against the import across the river of Kentucky buttons, in a foolish effort to “protect” inefficient Ohio button manufacturers, this duly delegated power would allow the Congress to step in and overrule such a tariff — a good thing, since a great part of our economic prosperity has resulted from America being, in effect, one huge “free trade zone.”

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Just like all of the USA is supposed to be a free speech zone, so to it should be a free trade zone. We don’t need the various levels of gumamint micromanaging us.

{Begin Quote}

By some small increment — given that home schoolers and private schoolers almost always do better than the inmates of the government schools — the overall quality of learning in Nevada would have improved.

Want to see a real return to full literacy? Close and auction off all the literacy retarding government youth propaganda camps (see John Taylor Gatto), and refund all related tax dollars to the people for use in educating their own children.

That was the system that produced the Founding Fathers, after all — along with a populace that could actually read and understand a limited-government Constitution.

{End Quote}

Yes, the gumamint skools are like prisions run by the post office. The communists that designed publik skools wanted to create a dumbed down class of factory workers. We have created in the seventy years of this “experiment” a dumbed down population that can’t understand how they are being screwed by the system.

We are a nation of sheep people. Led, schorn, and wehn needed served for dinner!

The weaknesses of search engines: You don’t know how much they miss!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

End of the run for coach 
By: Carolyn M. Hartko , Sports Writer 

{Begin Quote} 

Brian Jost will retire in June after 33 years of coaching cross-country and track and field at SBHS.

 The South Brunswick sports community had no way of knowing it at the time, but an injury to a Manhattan College sprinter in the late 1960s would have a profound effect on future runners at South Brunswick High School.

{extraneous deleted}

Over the summer, Mr. Jost and his wife of 33 years, Catherine, are moving from Perrineville in Millstone Township to Solivita, an active-adult community in central Florida, about 20 miles south of Disney World. Their grown children, 24-year-old Katie and 22-year-old Patrick, are expected to be frequent visitors, especially for the free room and board so close to the theme park.

Ms. Jost is wrapping up her 35th year as an elementary school teacher in Strathmore School in the Matawan/Aberdeen school district. Like the seasoned educators they are, the Josts did their homework before choosing Solivita as their new home.

{End Quote}

This story illustrates the weakness of the search engines. They don’t find it all! And, you don't realize it. Here's a story on the internet. Findable if you know where to look and know that it exists. But, invisible to the major search engines.

I happen to glance over my local rag. We get it because Frau Reinke likes it. It just aggravates me with the liberal leftist statist drivel. Appologies for why taxes have to go up. Or, why we aren’t getting our fair share of this state program or that federal program. Or isn’t it good that the state collectivist education program put on an anti-drug program. That one just sets me off in so many directions it isn’t funny. I usually read the rag for ammo to for my blog or to stick thought provoking comments in theirs.

Anyway. Front page bottom I find a Jasper story! Huh? I’ve lived here for too many years. I thought I knew all the Jaspers in town. And here’s pops up one. Worse than that, it never showed on any search engine.

My alumni ezine attempts to be the The Journal of Jasper Accomplishments. Whie the search engines are great at somethings, they are obviously terrible at these things. So I need all my readers to become reporters, collectors, and detectives in the effort. I know I can’t do it with automated tools alone.

Now on a liberty perspective, here is a story about two teachers retiring on state pensions with good benefits. THe taxpayers of the Peoples Republic of New Jersey will be paying that forever. I have no doubt that they played by the rules and followed all terms of their contracts. But it just illustrates the basic unfairness of government employment. You get into "public service", work for 30 years, and then live out the rest of your life on the public. Not only can't the State afford that but it is unamerican.

We have to get the gummamint out of education. They fail to educate. They are ruinously expensive. And, it is not fair to make everyone pay for services that they get no benefits from. I don't pay to feed your chioldren, clothe them, shelter them. So why do I have to pay to badly educate them.

No where in society to we have lifetime employment, with a generous guaranteed retirement, with jobs that have such a poor output. In the free market, it is "serve and survive" or "fail and die".

The first thing that we need to eliminate is government education. The second is state pensions. And, the third is gumamint "jobs"!

Now you know why I don't read the local rag. It aggrevates me on many levels.

Obits — just heard about a fellow alum

Saturday, March 25, 2006

and I am bummed. Sigh.

GTALK: Abandoned due to white screen of death issues

Friday, March 24, 2006

Afte rI rebuilt lug-able, I reinstalled GTalk, the 3/22 download, and back comes my wsod. When I task switch to gtalk, bang, the screen goes white and eventually reboots. So it’s somehtign with gtalk. I reported it. (Lotta good that will do.) As I did last time, I have very low expectations.

An adoptee looking for info

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Had an interesting experience today. Out of the blue, this fellow calls me on my cellphone. He found a webpage I did for my fellow high school alums. My thought was that, since we wanted to find the “lost” members of our class, I throw up a webpage with everyone’s name on it. This way if they googled their own name, maybe our page would be findable. Seemed like a good idea. It even found a few. This fellow was lookking for his birth parents. He googled his dad’s name and found my page. It has my phone number on it ti make it easy for the lost to “report in”. He used it to get me to help him. I guess I am a sucker for this stuff so I messaged everyone I had to get info. We had two people with positive contributions, one who misunderstood, and one who asked the question if their were privacy issues. I don’t think there are any and said so. But what do I know. Jury still out if the adoptee will be happy. It was an interesting experience.

GOFFICE (google’s writely) with two unusual offerings

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

No here’s an interesting wrinkle exposed by some one writing about Writely. I tried writely but didn’t see any particualr value.

Here’s one with a wrinkle! Free outbound fax and free usmail of your document. It has to be only for the trial period becasue they’d go broke.

You might want to try it, on the theory, that it might be useful in a pinch AND you can use it as an example of how knowledgeable you are. OR, you might even beable to work it into your USP or the particular UVP you are trying to advance.

FWIW (for what it is worth),

YMMV (your mileage may vary),


The Big Turkey

PERSPECTIVE: back in operation … locally.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I have this wiki running locally. I even addressed it from my corporate desktop. BUT it barffed when I tried to sandbox from accross the internet. DOn’t have time to play too much but sent out a call to my ace luddite to test it form his end. Nervous about being up without shields. Hmm, maybe the experts are wrong about the risks.

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