Decline on Vista because of new hardware. Open Office is a key tactic.

Monday, March 20, 2006

I currently use OOO as a backup to Microsoft Office 2003. I acquired my current MSFT from their company store as a corporate customer. So I didn’t pay full price. I am knowledge executive  in technology so my employer has deployed it on my notebook desktop for me to use. Personally, I have been using Microsoft stuff since an employer shifted from wordperfect eons ago. So I have a lot of time “invested” in microsoft stuff. I am not happy. I am probably going to break with the cycle of never ending upgrades with Vista. I am planning to “stay behind”. I am dipping my toes in the current world of linux distributions. (I am fluent in unix and solaris for my work.) It’s going to be painful and ugly. But, I think MSFT has outlived its usefulness. Recently, I had some winrot on my personal laptop. It was agonizing. McAfee wouldn’t install or deinstall and kept mucking up the ip stack. Only an os reinstall eliminated it. And the associated reinstalls were painful. During the winrot episode, Word2003 would open and close but not save a document. Open Office Writer worked like a charm to allow me to complete my ezine. Not without some format breakage, and not without some relearning of common Office functions, (I think there were a few things I never was able to do. But, I worked around the problems.) So my plan is to stay behind on the next upgrade cycle (Msft makkes you buy new intel hardware; intel invents more powerful hardware for msft to design for; we pay and pay and pay). OOO is a key tactic in that strategic decision.

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