An adoptee looking for info

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Had an interesting experience today. Out of the blue, this fellow calls me on my cellphone. He found a webpage I did for my fellow high school alums. My thought was that, since we wanted to find the “lost” members of our class, I throw up a webpage with everyone’s name on it. This way if they googled their own name, maybe our page would be findable. Seemed like a good idea. It even found a few. This fellow was lookking for his birth parents. He googled his dad’s name and found my page. It has my phone number on it ti make it easy for the lost to “report in”. He used it to get me to help him. I guess I am a sucker for this stuff so I messaged everyone I had to get info. We had two people with positive contributions, one who misunderstood, and one who asked the question if their were privacy issues. I don’t think there are any and said so. But what do I know. Jury still out if the adoptee will be happy. It was an interesting experience.

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