Not having a good day!

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Today’s a mess of multiple failures. Arghh!

Luggable has been suffering winrot, but it is limping along. Today, I thought the winrot had taken it out. With two laptops one working and one not, I focused on luggable. After two hours of rebooting, deleting adapters, and reinstalling stuff. Laptop #2 starting to go flaky. Huh? Is like bird flu contageous between the two laptops? I powered down the internet connection and finally everything started to work on both boxes. Almost! The old laptop’s mcafee was corrupted. So, after much tinkering. I had to reinstall. To reinstall, every component has to be uninstalled. With a reboot after everyone. And, then a reinstall after everyone. Argh! Then, it still doesn’t work because it won’t verify with mcafee. Argh! So, I just gave up trying to fix that! Boy do I hate everything other than open source.

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