Huzah, another hack politician comes to rescue the chilren

Making Sex Crimes Against Kids a Capital Offense

{Begin Quote}

 March 30, 2006 — When two teenage girls were kidnapped from their beds and raped in an underground dungeon, allegedly by a convicted sex offender, it provided a new impetus to South Carolina legislators to make one of the most terrible crimes imaginable punishable by the death penalty.

{End Quote}

I guess this politician is now going to save us from the menace that they created. How did they create it? Why is a sex offender out at all?

There is IMHO a fundamental Intelligent Designer given right to life. I have no right to take someone's life unless they initiate force against me. If they attack, I only have a moral right to use sufficient force to stop them. So my response has to be a proportianal response. So I can't kill someone for anything other than a potentially fatal attack.

How does this bear on the problem?

My government is an extenson of me. It only can do the things that I delegate to them. If I don't have the power to do something, then I can't give them that power.

So the government NEVER has the right to kill it's citizens. The government has a track record of convicting innocent people. So there is never a 100% certainty of a correct verdict, but there is a 100% certainty that the the government can not FIX a death sentence.

These politicians never learn.

Sex crimes probably deserve a life sentence without parole. At least the prisoner will be around should a mistake have been made.

AND, the insanity defense should be reexamined. Anyone, who says a criminally insane defendent is "cured", should have to "guarantee" their diagnosis with their own freedom.


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