A Jasper who spent spring break reparing homes in NOLA (applause) lectures us on racism (huh?)


New Orleans in Peril – Perspectives

I applaude those that went to NOLA. It would have been easier and more "fun" to go to a different destination. It's easy to see that the writer is changed by the trip. But from here in the peanut gallery, up in the cheap seats, I think he has spent too much time in the "skools". I read his article twice just to be sure I didn't over-react. (1) We are responsible for ourselves. If we rely on "government" for anything, we're going to be disappointed. (2) The government's response will be slow and pathetic because that's what government is — a poor excuse for self-help, charity, and private enterprise. (3) What the wrtier attributes to poverty and / or racism would be more properly attributed to  stupidity, "let George do it", sloppy thinking, and some sloth. (4) It's not a very good idea ("I R an injineer" and know stuff like this) to build a city below sea level. It's an even worse idea to rebuild a city below sea level. It's the worst idea to think that a glorified version of the Post Office is going to do it right. (5) Our thinking gets us into trouble. The governement has no magic font of money to throw at the problem. Every dollar they spend on NOLA is stolen from some poor slob like me who has to work to make ends meet. The government is my partner. Even if I don't want one. So as bad as I feel for the NOLA situation, I have to say let's move on. Run a telethon. Setup a voluntary private charity. DO what ever needs to be done, BUT don't impose the costs of it on us by force. How about this for an idea? The various levels of government agree sell the city to Wal Mart, Disney World, or Google. Let them invest in it. But the government won't tax it, fund it, or have anything to do with it. My bet would be that it would be rebuild in nothing flat; be better than it ever was; look better than it ever was; and be an economic engine to pull the entire southeastern US along with it. Make it an enterprise zone with no laws but what the buyer wants to permit. Then I'd suggest everyone stand out of the way because they'll be a migration to live tax free, the construction trucks would be rolling, and NOLA would be the new shining city on the hill. IMHO

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