RANT: Watching VILL / SYR game

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I still think a time out should NOT granted when a change of possession is imminent.

Too many times a TO is granted an penalizes good defense.

I’d define “imminent” as “in the next three seconds”.

The ref could even let three seconds run off the clock then blow the whistle and award the time out.


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RANT: Why is Yankee Stadium snowless while NYC roads ain’t?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


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Ok explain this..there are roads throughout NYC that haven’t yet been plowed BUT they are working overtime to get Yankee Stadium ready for a bowl game tomorrow

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Greed is good! Seriously, human society advances when each of us cooperates. What better way to get someone to do what you want than to reward them with “certificates of appreciation”?

People will drive themselves harder, mostly without the need for an overseer — boss — taskmaster — slavedriver, when they see their own self-interest being satisfied.

So that’s why the Ghost of George Steinbrenner is well pleased. And, when those industrious Yankee Stadium cleaners get their “certificates of appreciation”, they will be happy too. Those certificates not only get cranky humans to cooperate, but the ENSURE that any effort is the BEST use of resources available at the time. After all you don’t really waste your “certificates of appreciation” on your fellow humans who have not satisfied your needs and wants, do you?

Except for the Gooferment! They steal yours; sometimes without your even knowing it. And, they print up their own certificates, even though they haven’t earned them, whenever.

(For those on Facebook who never had “ekkynonics”, “certificates of appreciation” are a placeholder for the word “money”. For a quick remedial, Google “I, Pencil” and read a short expose of how cooperation by often unwilling humans allows society to thrive.)

So greed will ensure that Yankee Stadium is snowless while the rest of the City chokes on the snow. Gordon Gecko was right. Greed does make the world go round.

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INTERESTING: Benford’s Law

Friday, May 28, 2010


The Physics arXiv Blog
Friday, May 07, 2010
Benford’s Law And A Theory of Everything

A new relationship between Benford’s Law and the statistics of fundamental physics may hint at a deeper theory of everything

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In 1938, the physicist Frank Benford made an extraordinary discovery about numbers. He found that in many lists of numbers drawn from real data, the leading digit is far more likely to be a 1 than a 9. In fact, the distribution of first digits follows a logarithmic law. So the first digit is likely to be 1 about 30 per cent of time while the number 9 appears only five per cent of the time.

That’s an unsettling and counterintuitive discovery. Why aren’t numbers evenly distributed in such lists? One answer is that if numbers have this type of distribution then it must be scale invariant. So switching a data set measured in inches to one measured in centimetres should not change the distribution. If that’s the case, then the only form such a distribution can take is logarithmic.

But while this is a powerful argument, it does nothing to explan the existence of the distribution in the first place.

*** end quote ***

Haven’t heard about this since injineering skrool. (Thanks, Brother Barry Austin. Engineering Measurements 101. I’ll never forget the difference between “blunders” and “errors”. I’ve made a lot of both since.)

Still don’t know what to make of it.

Perhaps, it’s like “the Name of God” in the Indiana Jones sense. The Ark! The key to creation?

Still fascinating! After all these years.

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INTERESTING: A rigged game!

Friday, April 2, 2010

7-7-7-7 costs Pa. Lottery bigtime
By Peter Mucha Inquirer Staff Writer

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Talk about your lucky 7s.

Wednesday night, all 7s came up in Pennsylvania Lottery’s Big 4 drawing, resulting in a whopping $7.77 million payout to 3,107 winning tickets.

Even more oddly, the news comes on a day when the Super 7 jackpot is $7.3 million, and Cash 5’s top prize is $770,000.

The Big 4 payout was a staggering 1,573 percent of sales, according to lottery spokeswoman Kirstin Alvanitakis.

In other words: The lottery has to dish out about $7.2 million more than it took in for that drawing.

“We definitely lost money on the Big 4, that’s for sure,” Alvanitakis said. “But it’s great for our players. People love to play quadruple numbers.”

“It’s definitely not an April Fools joke,” she said.

*** and ***

“We operate our numbers games with the expectation that when triples or quadruples hit we will lose money,” she said. “Drawing triples and quadruples is great for the large number of our players who enjoy playing these number combinations.”

Besides, there is a safeguard. “We have a sales cutoff of $10 million for Big 4 for any number combination – including quadruples – to ensure Lottery’s liability does not exceed its ability to pay winners,” she said.

*** end quote ***

This agravates me on so many levels.

It’s the politicians “stealing” from the poor. Who plays these “games”? Poor people trying to catch a break.

And the economics are a joke. It’s a tax on stupidity. Which, thanks to the gooferment skrools, there’s a lot to go around.

Final note: Notice how they limit their losses. That’s unfair to the folks who get “locked out”.

It’s a losing proposition for EVERYONE!

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TECHNOLOGY: “system assurance”; yeah, right!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

As old old mainframe guy, I am positive that most platforms have enough “junk” installed on them so that NO ONE can have what we in the old days would call “system assurance”. Say what one wants about the old centralized computing systems, they had change control. Until IBM started to NOT share its microcode and source code with its Customers, any one could sit down with a module and examine what was in fact running with what was supposed to be running. Often when there was an “opportunity”, the first thing that folks did was conduct a “witch hunt” for what was wrong. Today, that is impossible and unheard of.

What’s even more amusing to us “old hands” is the Linux movement and the Web-i-fication of applications. Funny how the world of “distributed computing” is swinging back to “centralization” with Web Operating Systems and Web Applications.

The Linux distribtuions are putting the end users back in control of the Operating System source code.

The Web application are making “system assurance” impossible.

A virus writer no longer has the luxury of the Microsoft mono-culture. Find a operating system hole and exploit it everywhere. And, the Microsoft death grip on applications (i.e., word processing) is being exploded by Google Docs, Zoho, and their ilk. As well as competed with by Open Office.

Anyone who feels confident that they, and their data, are not literally walking a high-wire tight rope across Niagra Falls on a windy day … Well, they are at best naive and at worst foolish.

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RANT: ROADS; no longer the third rail

Saturday, August 15, 2009


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I drove in upstate with a friend of mine whose a libertarian. We saw all the road constructions (quite annoying to be honest) and he stated it’s unfair he needs to pay for any construction to the roads in an area he never drives in. I had no good answer. Thoughts?

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OK, he’s absolutely correct. THe gooferment one size fits all requires us to pay for stuff we will never ever use. It’s the only entity, with its monopoly on initiation of force, which can require us to pay for what we don’t need, don’t want, can’t use, and a absurdly high price. Roads are the third rail of Libertarian philosophy. Because the sheeple can’t conceive of roads being “done” by anything other than the government. Walt Disney, private home owner associations, and private roads all exist in the “real world”. There needs to be a revolution in our memes. How about selling the interstate to WalMart and UPS? Think they would have construction delaying their paying customers? ROFL! SO why ask me? You know I am a raving little Llibertarian!  

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You expected me to say something different?

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PRODUCTIVITY: feet to shoot

Sunday, August 2, 2009


EMI Only Selling CDs To Mega-Chains From Now On

from Slashdot by samzenpus

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farrellj writes “According to Zero Paid, record company EMI has been notifying small music stores that they will no longer be able to buy EMI CDs from EMI, and will have to buy product from Mega-Chains like Walmart. Independent Record store customers are some of the most loyal music buyers around. You are not going to find the back catalog, what used to be the staple of the music business, at your local Walmart. One wonders when the Music Business is going to run out of feet to shoot?”

*** end quote ***

I like clever formulations.

“… when the Music Business is going to run out of feet to shoot?”

That seems so descriptive of some of my best disasters.


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