POLITICAL: Repeal the 17th and use their Home State discipline them


REPORT: Menendez under investigation… again?
October 26, 20221 min read Matt Rooney

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Allegations of unethical (or worse) behavior have dogged Bob Menendez for as long as he’s been in Washington. His 2017 bribery trial ended in a mistrial.

Is he under investigation… again?

According to Kadia Goba of Semafor, “[p]rosecutors in the Southern District of New York have contacted people connected to [U.S. Senator] Menendez in recent weeks” and “have sent at least one subpoena in the case.”

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Remember when US Senators were held to high standards by their State Legislators?  One wiff of scandal or impropriety and they were recalled and replaced.

There also were no such things as “unfunded mandates”.


Repeal the 17th and eliminate “carpetbagging” and cut some of the money going into elections!


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