HEALTH: Do your own research before vaccination or don’t be surprised if bad things happen later

Stanford tells doctors to give false information in order to overcome vaccine hesitancy

  • I found a Stanford course used to train doctors worldwide on how to overcome vaccine hesitancy. Basically, they tell doctors to give false information. They truly believe the false narrative.

Steve Kirsch

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One of the references is to a paper on why people resisted making the HPV vaccine mandatory. I can tell you why people resisted the HPV vaccine… that vaccine is the second most dangerous vaccine in VAERS, that’s why. Only the COVID vaccines are more dangerous. It has 3 times the number of adverse events that all other vaccines combined at the time it was introduced. That’s why!

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I am now officially an “anti-vaxer”.  Before I take another one, I’ll have to be really convinced it’s “safe and effective”.