TINFOILHAT: Where is James Gordon Meek?


ABC Journalist James Gordon Meek Still Missing After FBI Raided His Home in April

  • Meek covered many sensitive topics in his career. Did he come across something that frightened the government?

Posted by Mary Chastain Monday, October 24, 2022 at 07:00am

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In April, the FBI raided ABC investigative journalist James Gordon Meek’s apartment. People “believe the raid is among the first — and quite possibly, the first — to be carried out on a journalist by the Biden administration.”

Are we in China?

No one knows for sure why the FBI targeted Meek, who once worked as a senior counterterrorism advisor and investigator for the House Homeland Security Committee.

No one has seen or talked to Meek since the raid.

Believe it or not, Rolling Stone broke the story five days ago. John Antonelli described the raid at the Arlington, VA, apartment complex. It sounds like something right out of a movie, someone who committed a vicious crime:

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Could the raid have anything to do with Meek’s last tweet? It implied that we have been helping Ukraine much more than the administration told us. In fact, the help has been happening since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014.

Meek’s last tweet:

Actually, it started long time ago…we learned this between 2014-2022. Not just now. It was an 8 year lab experiment on Russian TTPs. On EW. On everything. This is why Ukrainians (with our advise/assist) r doing so well. Ask those in IC and UW communities. We learned a shit ton.

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The White House press corps should ask Karine Jean-Pierre about Meek every day. Every administration official should be asked about Meek when addressing reporters.

Where is James Gordon Meek?

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Will we EVER get an answer?  Just how out of control is the Gooferment?