RANT: Is it time to “license” fact checkers? (Just kidding!)


What Happens When a Fact-Checker Doesn’t Get the Facts Right?
By Chandler Lasch
September 28, 2022

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Abrams’ claim that a heartbeat detected at six weeks of pregnancy is nonexistent and “a manufactured sound” is false, as is Kessler’s claim that ultrasound detects electrical activity, not the motion of a heart. For two years, Abrams has urged Americans to “follow the science,” while Kessler has insisted that at his newspaper, “we deal in facts.” Both are laudable goals – and equally applicable to the speaker, as well as their audiences.

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One would think that the Washington Post would fire any “Fact-Checker” that (a) gets it so wrong; and (b) inserts their own “facts” into the mix.