NEWJERSEY: The mandatory newborn blood spot testing should be allowed as evidence

NJ Bill Limits Use of Newborn Dried Bloodspot Cards
10/18/2022, 8:12:46 PM · 4 of 4
JohnBovenmyer to nickcarraway

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Don’t throw the babies out with the bath water here. The mandatory newborn blood spot testing is essential for detecting several rare genetic diseases that can be treated if treatment is started very young, but that may not be treatable if diagnosis is delayed until the child becomes symptomatic. Realistically it’s the only chance these kids have. And it’s cost effective for the state as the often large medical expenses by those diagnosed too late tended to devolve on the states. Several diseases are tested for in essentially all states, some states have chosen to add to the basic list to be tested.

If states wish to limit access to this data beyond its original intentions that is their choice, and is certainly preferable to not having as close to 100% of kids tested as is possible. Alleged criminals deserve reasonable due process rights. Using these for DNA evidence should still be feasible if proper process and real judicial oversight is established. Legislatures and courts deal with similar issues routinely and should be able to handle this. What I can’t accept here and fear the woke soft on crime types would push is a novel principle that rapists can bar any DNA evidence they left behind from admittance on the grounds of self incrimination. Such should be as admissible as fingerprints and dropped wallets. If tech allows cops to more efficient at accurately catching crooks it is good for society and for both past and otherwise potential future victims of crime. I don’t want that genie back in its bottle. Still citizens, their elected representatives and their courts need to beware of the potential abuse of state powers, provide appropriate oversight and limits there.

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Seem like the “dropped wallet” analogy is appropriate.

And, the purpose is to save children from rare diseases.  If a few bad guys get caught as a result, then that is just a Unintended Consequence dividend.


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