GOVERNACIDE: Litigation asserts that TWA800 was downed by the US Navy

Could the TWA 800 Cover-Up Finally Come Undone?
By Jack Cashill

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As much as I would love to hear from a firsthand witness, I believe the courts hold more immediate potential. On June 28, 2022, attorney John Roddy with the Boston firm of Bailey and Glasser filed a lawsuit on behalf of numerous family members of those killed in the 1996 crash. Based on the research of physicist Tom Stalcup, the suit is stunning in its sophistication and detail.

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Well it certainly seems that this tin foil hat Conspiracy Theory is turning out to be true.  Have to move it up to “likely”.  All that’s left is for the Gooferment to settle the case and admit its responsibility.

I’m sure that NONE of the politicians and bureaucrats involved will suffer any ill effects.



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