Nancy Pelosi Finally Loses Some Money

DC Schools Spend the Most to Educate the Least At a whopping cost of $23,754 per student, Washington DC schools spend more than any state in the nation besides New York. And what do you receive for their college-priced public schools? Just 23% of eighth grade DC students were proficient in math and reading according to 2019 tests from the National Assessment of Educational Progress. That is the worst performance in the nation. Incidentally, it was a DC school we talked about last week that introduced students to a “fistbook” (not handbook) which asked five year old children to identify which members of their families were racist. And the same school system endorses the “BLM at school” curriculum, which includes “Introduction to Transgender and Non-binary Identities” for preschoolers. This school district obviously has its priorities straight. Unfortunately they don’t include math and reading.

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Sorry but why are we tolerating that.



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