GUNS: Eliminate “gun free zones” as a small step towards safety?

Private Gun Carriers’ Self-Defense Against Public Shooters
The Charleston (West Virginia) incident from a few days ago, the FBI 2021 statistics, and more.
Eugene Volokh | 5.28.2022 5:32 PM

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Finally, always keep in mind that active shooter situations should not be the main focus in the gun debate, whether for gun control or gun decontrol: They on average account for less than 1% of the U.S. homicide rate and are unusually hard to stop through gun control laws (since the killer is bent on committing a publicly visible murder and is thus unlikely to be much deterred by gun control law, or by the prospect of encountering an armed bystander). But people talk about them a lot, so I thought I’d offer a perspective on them for those who are interested.

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I read this very calm and seemed to be neutral After Action review of the particular Charleston West Virginia incident.

The only quibble I have is, and I agree, with to paraphrase “criminals are undeterred by laws and probably an armed bystander”.  What about “gun free zones” being an attractive nuisnece.  We know from Columbine that the criminal in that case traveled further to a movie house that was “gun free”.  This assuring that even the slight risk of a “good guy (or gal) with gun” might interfere.  

So perhaps eliminating all “gun free zones” and allowing unlimited concealed carry by non-felons, we might make their rage a little more “inconvenient”.



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