RANT: Demonstrating the perfidy of the corporate media and its “narrative”


How Liberal media kept Brianna Kupfer story OFF their homepages
by Jeff Miller January 20, 2022
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Media outlets that lean to the left ignore the lengthy criminal history of Brianna Kupfer’s alleged killer in their reporting, omitting his mugshot from their homepages as well.

Several liberal media giants – including the Los Angeles Times, ABC News, CBS, and CNN – failed to include information about Shawn Laval Smith’s violent past. Also, his picture, released by police in hopes that the public could help find him, was not included on websites’ landing pages.

It was not mentioned in the LA Times’ article that Smith had prior arrests, or that he had been released on a $1,000 bond for a misdemeanor in October 2020.

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This is a tragedy that should be laid directly on all the politicians and bureaucrats in the “legal system”.

Gooferment has very few useful functions.  One of which is to be the “night watchmen” and protect the safety of its citizens.  

What a joke when they let criminals use the revolving door in and out of the “justice system”.


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