INNOVATION: Using YouTube for good

DEEP DIVE I’m a scuba-diving sleuth and I help crack cold cases by searching for human remains and clues in water
Luke Kenton
8:25 ET, Dec 19 2021
Updated: 8:25 ET, Dec 19 2021

*** begin quote ***

A SCUBA diver who uses sonar equipment to solve cold cases has opened up to The Sun about how he may have cracked a 21-year-old missing persons case last month when he discovered a car in a Tennesee lake.

Jeremy Beau Sides, 42, who runs the YouTube channel Exploring with Nug, found a black 1988 Pontiac Grand Am during a dive in Sparta on November 30, with human remains inside that are yet to be identified.

*** end quote ***

Seems to do it “ethically” by not raising false hopes and not getting involved other than notifying the proper authority.

Great that he can earn enough from YouTube to keep doing it.

Well done.


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