RANT: “Ze” and “Sir” are attempts to redefine deviancy by those who are woke


Defiant Student Sues Catholic School Over ‘Contrived’ Demand For ‘Ze’
Bob Kellogg, Billy Davis, American Family News | Dec 4, 2021

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American Family News has pointed out in previous, related stories that this re-invented language has moved far beyond calling a male classmate “Andrea” instead of “Andy.” There are now “neo-pronouns” with made-up words “Ze” and “Zir” instead of “He” and “Her,” for example. According to the website myprouns.org, some fellow students and co-workers now demand the plural usage “they” instead of “her” or “him.” The reasons for “they” vary: Some students choose “they” instead of “him” or her” because they don’t want to be identified by a gender. Or people call someone “they” if unsure of a person’s preferred gender, because getting called the wrong gender can be harmful. Sometimes, however, “they” is used because a person wants their gender to be private, the website unhelpfully explains.

Regardless of why “they” is used, the student’s punishment at Exeter High is the latest example that these made-up language rules demand obedience and there is swift punishment for violating them.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed Nov. 4, the male student told the court he is defying the school’s policy and “will never refer to any individual personal pronouns such as ‘they,’ using contrived pronouns such as ‘ze,’ or with any similar terminology that reflects values which (the student) does not share.”

Reacting to lawsuit, radio host Todd Starnes asked his audience what happens if Exeter High students demand to be called “Turd Face” by other students, too. That crude description, he said, would be called ridiculous because that is not a real description for a person.

“Yeah,” Starnes concluded, “well there’s also no such thing as a pronoun named ‘Ze’ or ‘Zir’ but they still use them. They just made them up.”

On a more serious note, citing the lawsuit, Starnes said the student pointed out his own beliefs about male and female follow the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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Maybe what once was, “the Catholic Church”.

Goes back to my theory that, like a beehive, their can only be “one Queen bee”. Gooferment, by aiding and abetting, pedophilia in the Church sowed the seeds to “kill” a rival for the people’s adoration. 

While I bear no ill-will to those who have some sort of sexual identity problem, there is only “male and female” in reality. 

Only the “liberals”, aka Communists, want to confuse and divide us on every issue.

I feel more solidarity to the people they seek to “distinguish as different”, than those who promulgate new “rights” for those who are “different”.

We’re all “different”; so learn to live and let live.