INSPIRATIONAL: Why do politicians get credit for things they didn’t do?

Things I wonder about, things I do, and some random links I’ve collected lately (with an emphasis on weirdness)
Published May 17, 2021 10:54 am by Claire
AKA “A Monday Ramble.”

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Why do politicians and social movements get credit for things they didn’t do?

“FDR ended the Depression.” (Yeah, only eight+ years into his administration, and then with a war and new forms of privation.)

“Street protests ended the Vietnam war.” (Lessee: Begun in 1964, 1968 was their biggest year, U.S. didn’t get out of Vietnam until 1975. Nope.)

“Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.” (Only if you believe we really had to be the only nation on earth to conduct a bloody war to do what the entire civilized world was already coming around to; only if you believe the Emancipation Proclamation was anything other than a PR gesture meant to undermine the South’s war effort; only if you pretend not to notice that Lincoln continued to preside over four slave states himself and excluded them from the so-called emancipation.)

And once established, these gigantic urban myths never seem to get debunked.

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Because he who writes the history books gets to control the “narrative”.



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