INTERESTING: Here’s a crazy behavior

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TIL of William Lyttle, the “Mole Man of Hackney”, who spent around 40 years digging a network of tunnels up to 59 feet (18 m) long beneath his home. When the authorities discovered the extent of his burrowing, he was rehoused on the top floor of a high-rise to prevent digging.…

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That’s strange behavior!


HEALTH: A statin intolerance?

How Common Are Muscle Side Effects from Statins?
Michael Greger M.D. FACLM May 3rd, 2021 Volume 53

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When asked why, most former statin users, or discontinuers, cited muscle pain, a side effect, as the primary reason for stopping the pills. By far the most prevalent and important adverse events, up to 72 percent of all statin side effects are statin-associated muscle symptoms. Taking coenzyme Q10 supplements as a treatment for statin-associated muscle symptoms was a good idea in theory, but they don’t actually appear to help. Normally, side-effect symptoms go away when you stop the drug, but sometimes can linger a year or more. But there is evidently growing evidence that statin intolerance is predominantly psychosocial, not pharmacological. Wait; meaning maybe it’s mostly just in people’s heads?

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Placebo effects are positive consequences falsely attributed to a treatment

Nocebo effects, kind of like the opposite of the placebo effect, are negative consequences falsely attributed to a treatment

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12:40 p.m., Sunday May 9

ferdinand reinke: wrote:

Interesting. I’ve been complaining for a while about “stiff legs in the morning”. I never associated with the statin drugs that I have been taking. So it’s not nocebo in my case because I observed the sympton having never associated any connection to the drug. I’ll be interested if the “mystery” is ever figured out — if ever.