INSPIRATIONAL: In a negative way, resist the WuFlu propaganda

The Top 10 Absurdities Of The COVID Pandemic… So Far
SATURDAY, MAY 08, 2021 – 09:20 AM
Authored by PF Whalen via,

*** begin quote ***

#10 – One-way traffic rules in supermarket aisles –
#9 – COVID is Trump’s fault –
#8 – Teachers can’t go back to work, but everyone else can –
#7 – It was xenophobic for Trump to halt travel from China  –
#6 – Fifteen days to slow the spread  –
#5 – President Joe Biden: “Help is on the way” –
#4 – The response by The World Health Organization –
#3 – Blue states did it better –
#2 – Get the vaccine, but keep doing all of the other stuff  
#1 – Wear two masks  –

*** end quote ***

Absolutely absurd.

Perhaps this will lead people to find a free market solution to education.

It’s hard to believe that there is NOT a better way.


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