TINFOILHAT: Ted Kennedy dealt with the Russians to undermine the USA?


Pinkerton: John Kerry Isn’t the First Massachusetts Democrat Accused of Assisting an Enemy
27 Apr 2021

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The memo, written by KGB chief Viktor Chebrikov, laid out some of the Democrats’ motivations: “Senator Kennedy . . . is very troubled by the current state of Soviet-American relations.” The KGB man continued, laying out an argument that showed the mind-meld between Kennedy and the Kremlin: 

Events are developing such that this relationship coupled with the general state of global affairs will make the situation even more dangerous. The main reason for this is Reagan’s belligerence.

So we can see that Kennedy and the Soviets were in agreement that the key concern was Reagan’s “belligerence.”  Moreover, Chebrikov added, “According to Kennedy, the current threat is due to the president’s refusal to engage in any modification of his policies.”

Reporter Mooney notes that during this, time Kennedy was considering a presidential run, perhaps in 1984 or perhaps in 1988.  

Yet in the meantime, Chebrikov continued, the Massachusetts senator wanted to prepare the field by showing that Reagan was the problem, not the Russians: “Kennedy and his friends will bring about suitable steps to have representatives of the largest television companies in the USA contact Y.V. Andropov for an invitation to Moscow for the interviews.”   

The goal, of course, was to make the Soviets look good while making Reagan look bad. By this argument, if only Reagan could be gotten rid of, and a Democrat such as Kennedy installed in the White House instead, all would be well with the world.  

In Mooney’s summarizing words:

Kennedy’s actions occurred at the expense of presidential authority and in violation of federal law, according to academics and scholars who are familiar with the documents.

Yet the actions of Kennedy and Tunney were not revealed until decades after they happened. And yet even when they were revealed, the MSM reaction was a non-reaction. 

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