POLITICAL: Suggesting an episode: 17th Amendment


Listen often to his podcast and made this comment to him.

*** begin quote ***

I know you like “listener suggestions. (I hope you’ll consider this.)

The 17th Amendment to directly elect senators, imho, after the Income Tax Amendment, was the single most destructive Amendment to the “American Experiment”. It destroyed the ability of the States to resist “unfunded mandates” and allowed “carpet baggers” like Hillary Clinton an easy path to high elective office.

Personally, I’d love to see it repealed but doubt it’ll ever happen in my lifetime. Those, who want to get the money out of politics, could do it quickly by its repeal.

As a retired fat old white guy injineer that studied a lot of “systems”, I think it merely duplicates the House of Representative while “neutering” the State legislatures. If the 17th can NOT be repealed, then I’d just eliminate the House completely and save all that money.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this topic.

*** end quote ***


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