TECHNOLOGY: What are we “buying” or are we “renting”?

The erosion of personal ownership
Everything from your fridge to your tractor can change without your permission.
By Dan Greene Apr 21, 2021, 9:20am EDT

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These dual trends — the rise of purchased and subscription-based non-physical media — are driven by the benefits such consumption provides, chiefly convenience. Digital and streaming media generally offer minimal effort to access and strong portability without physical degradation or the constraints imposed by taking up physical space (say, in a box on a TV stand). But such benefits do impose costs, like streaming’s aforementioned unending billing cycles and lack of library control, or the limits a digital purchaser faces when trying to lend or resell their wares. In fact, as some digital consumers have found out firsthand, they may suddenly no longer have their purchases at all.

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Sounds like the “consumer” is getting screwed.

I look at my collection of Iomega Zip drive media and say “WTH”.

No sense saving them or the data on them.  

I don’t even know what I have lost.