POLITICAL: Too much politics is killing everything!


Major League Baseball Risks Losing The Last of Its Politics-Weary Viewers After Moving Game Over Georgia’s Election Law
By Michael McCaffrey
RT News
April 6, 2021

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Sports fans like me are simply exhausted by the endless hyper-politicization of everything in our culture, and we look to sports to escape, not to be politically assaulted. MLB would be very wise to avoid playing politics any further and instead focus on fixing their ailing game and playing decent ball.

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It’s killing any patience I have with the “theater”.

The NFL pseudo patriotism was a “big straw” in breaking “this camel’s back”.



TINFOILHAT: Were the Capital “revolt”, “riots”, “secession”, “sedition”, just plain old “political theater”


Unanswered questions about Capitol riots

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How many firearms were seen or confiscated from individuals inside or on the Capitol grounds on January 6?

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Of course, if it was a “revolt” or an “attempt to take over the Gooferment”, it was the lamest one that I’ve ever seen on TV.

In actuality, I believe it was “political theater” by persons and groups unknown to enshrine Biden and disgrace DJT45.

If too, it worked.

“We, The Sheeple” are rubes for this type of propaganda.