SECURITY: ESS voting machine company sends threats

Well, let me explain it for you. The ExpressVote XL, if hacked, can add, delete, or change votes on individual ballots — and no voting machine is immune from hacking. That’s why optical-scan voting machines are the way to go, because they can’t change what’s printed on the ballot. And let me explain some more: The ExpressVote XL, if adopted, will deteriorate our security and our ability to have confidence in our elections, and indeed it is a bad voting machine. And expensive, too!

ESS voting machine company sends threats

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Seems very simple to me that we need more checks and balances. It’s not a “Conspiracy Theory”, but a realization that the “methods & procedures” REQUIRE one system to mark and different system to count.


(IMHO both parties want an insecure system so they can cheat.)


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