20 striking findings from 2020 | Pew Research Center

A large majority of U.S. adults (86%) say there is some kind of lesson or set of lessons for mankind to learn from the coronavirus outbreak, and about a third (35%) say these lessons were sent by God. In open-ended survey responses collected by the Center in the summer, Americans pointed to practical lessons, such as wearing a mask; personal lessons, such as remembering the importance of spending time with family and loved ones; and societal lessons, such as the need for universal health care. Other responses were political in nature, including criticisms of both major parties and concerns about the politicization of the pandemic.

20 striking findings from 2020 | Pew Research Center

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I agree about the “politicization of the pandemic”.

I, for one, am not sure that there is a “pandemic”, or an “epidemic”.

Evidence is that: (1) adjusting the number of “cycles” in PCR testing seems to dial up whatever result you want; and (2) no one has identified the “corona virus” yet.

Hell, there’s even a Conspiracy Theory” that “corona 19 virus” may be a vitamin defiiency. I have a lot of sympathy for this question about the #wuflu.