NY Post: Big Tech’s assault on Parler proves it’s gone full cartel

History shows that cartels do not survive without protection from governments. (From The New York Post) This is looking more like a cabal supporting each other — at the least, uniting to enforce a common political orthodoxy. A similar argument goes: If you don’t like how Facebook or Twitter enforces its rules, go build your own alternative.

Source: NY Post: Big Tech’s assault on Parler proves it’s gone full cartel

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Let see what the new administration does?

(Any sucker money bets on “nothing”?)


SECURITY: ESS voting machine company sends threats

Well, let me explain it for you. The ExpressVote XL, if hacked, can add, delete, or change votes on individual ballots — and no voting machine is immune from hacking. That’s why optical-scan voting machines are the way to go, because they can’t change what’s printed on the ballot. And let me explain some more: The ExpressVote XL, if adopted, will deteriorate our security and our ability to have confidence in our elections, and indeed it is a bad voting machine. And expensive, too!

ESS voting machine company sends threats

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Seems very simple to me that we need more checks and balances. It’s not a “Conspiracy Theory”, but a realization that the “methods & procedures” REQUIRE one system to mark and different system to count.


(IMHO both parties want an insecure system so they can cheat.)