POLITICAL: Cuomo creates a catch 22?

(Don Boudreaux) Tweet Alec March interviews Sunetra Gupta . A slice: ‘It’s quite curious how much has been invested in this performance of social distancing and mask wearing,’ she volunteers. ‘A culture has been created of virtue signalling and shaming and this culture is adopted by the academics, clearly.

Source: Some Covid Links

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The governor, a self-declared foe of government incompetence, also presented medical providers with the vaccine edition of Sophie’s Choice. Earlier this month, he announced that hospitals that failed to use all of their vaccines would face up to a $100,000 fine; those thatvaccinated anyone out of the state-approved order of operations would face up to a $1 million fine. The kicker: Cuomo created a rigorous hierarchy of who was allowed to receive the vaccine at what point, meaning hospitals had no choice but to throw away expiring doses instead of finding willing vaccine recipients. Better to lose $100,000 than $1 million, I guess.

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Seems like Cuomo is a villanous politicians!