SECESSION: When Your Vote Doesn’t Matter – Eric Peters

What happens when the people of a state are disfranchised?

When they come to know that their vote doesn’t matter?

Is it equitable that a geographically and proportionately tiny part of a state dictates to the rest of the state?

By what right does a Beltway bureaucrat autocratically govern the lives of farmers who live hundreds of miles away?

The Coonman is the governor of Northern Virginia. He is loathed in most of Virginia. But the people of the rest of the state cannot vote him out of their lives because their votes don’t matter.

Northern Virginia decides the politics of Virginia.Do we not adhere to the idea of the consent of the governed? How can there be consent when there is no choice?

This is not about red vs. blue. It is about right vs. wrong.It is time for a parting of the ways.

Source: When Your Vote Doesn’t Matter – LewRockwell

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Same in the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee, the populous cities — mostly in North Jersey — dictate to South Jersey.

And it’s notorious for corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

Time for local secession!


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