TECHNOLOGY: Big Data as evidence of fraud

November 13, 2020
Big Data to the Rescue: The Electoral College Meets Data Pattern Science
By Jay Valentine

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“When subject to statistical analysis against known patterns, industrial fraud stands out like a dinosaur walking through a field of peanut butter. It is unmistakable.”

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Pretty damning evidence IMHO!


POLITICAL: Some Weird Stuff Happened In That Election

Finally, and most importantly, why doesn’t anyone in journalism care? I get that they’ll never embrace the idea that the election was stolen, but why not investigate in order to discredit the idea? If they’re so sure fraud played no role, expose it and bestow on Joe Biden a legitimacy he otherwise won’t have. It’d be a lot more effective than simply being angry about it and attacking anyone who asks questions, wouldn’t it?

That the left isn’t at all interested in rooting out voter fraud, even if there wasn’t enough of it to impact the results, is telling. Democrats benefit from it. There is no “Republican machine” manufacturing votes in deep red areas, but the dead voting in Chicago has been a joke since long before I was born. Why is that accepted anywhere?

Source: Some Weird Stuff Happened In That Election

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As long as “We, The Sheeple” tolerate criminal behavior, it will continue.



TECHNOLOGY: Yet another downgrade — no reduction in price, of course

Hello Ferdinand Reinke,

You are currently using the IONOS Address Book feature.

Since this feature no longer meets our current technical requirements, we will be completely discontinuing the IONOS Address Book on 02/16/2021.

On 12/15/2020, the first step will consist of deactivating the ability to create new contacts or collect them through contact forms on your websites. 

On 02/16/2021, we will turn off the Address Book feature permanently.

Until then, you still have the possibility to retrieve your contact data via the export function as a vCard (VCF file) in order to save them for yourself or to transfer them to a system of your choice. Find out more

IONOS Customer Service

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