TINFOILHAT: A conspiracy theory turns to fact!!!


Unsealed Ghislaine Maxwell Court Docs Reveal Conspiracy Theory Turned Fact
Originally Posted at FMShooter – Authored by Jon Hall

“Time and time again, conspiracy theory turns to fact and the willing masses ensure ignorance to it …”

*** begin quote ***

It’s important to point out, though – that some of this new information backs up long-whispered conspiracies. Why else would Bill Clinton be on Epstein’s flight logs if not to take advantage of and sexually abuse underage girls? The unsealed documents also allege of frequent orgies on Little St. James island involving prominent celebrities and underage girls – and many have long believed since Harvey Weinstein that the entire movie industry is rotten inside and out, manipulating and abusing children for naught other than sheer deviancy and degeneracy.

*** end quote ***

Those flight logs should be Exhibit #1 in a major prosecution.


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