GUNS: CA Sheriff Took The Fifth In Grand Jury Probe Over Carry Permits

Sheriff Smith is ultimately the sole person with the authority to approve concealed carry applications in Santa Clara County. It’s not unreasonable for the average person to wonder if Sheriff Smith had any involvement in the pay-to-carry scheme, given that third party committees supporting her re-election campaign were the primary beneficiaries of the bribes. Invoking the Fifth Amendment may have been sound legal advice in a court of law, but in the court of public opinion, it’s sure to raise even more questions than the ones she’s so far refused to answer.

Source: CA Sheriff Took The Fifth In Grand Jury Probe Over Carry Permits

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Sure seems like there are different rules for those “politically connected”?


TINFOILHAT: Mind Control and Assassination?

CIA Secret Experiments in Mind Control and Assassination

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So is it a “Conspiracy Theory” or a “secret weapon”?

IDK, and I’m not willing to dismiss the possibility.