VETERANS: Do NOT bring back the draft; repeal its legislation

Bugle Blasts July 2020 Vienna VA 22181
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As I begin the 12th year of Bugle Blasts – something different – a rare editorial comment.

The Selective Service System and a Draft

There is occasional talk about bringing back the draft to replace or supplement the All-Volunteer US military. Having retired from the Army and having worked as a civilian for Department of the Army, the Selective Service System and Department of Veterans Affairs, a return to a draft is an option I have generally supported since I believe it would provide a better cross-section of the nation’s youth vs. the all-volunteer service. But would it be practical course of action?

If a draft (which, under present laws, would be all-male) were authorized today, the Selective Service System could provide the first allotment of 100,000 men in approximately 13 days, with additional allotments to arrive subsequently. So, where would they be sent for training? Where would they be housed? Where would the uniforms and equipment come from? Who would do the training? Where would they be sent when basic training was completed? Finally, how would they be paid? The first month base pay for the first allotment of 100,000 would be about $180,000,000 (a new recruit earns about $1,800 a month base pay). But today about 56% of new enlisted personnel are married and have families (70% of new officers are married), so all that additional pay and allowance-reiated cost would be added on top, plus medical care, quarters, schools and more.

Before the US initiated the WW2 draft an Army Private or Navy equivalent earned $21 a month base pay, unchanged since the Civil War, and all recruits were unmarried. It is interesting that in 1940 when the War Department mobilized the National Guard, a National Guard Private earned $1 a day. Their pay could not be reduced to $21 a month. As a result there was an immediate pay raise for all active military personnel.

So, while a draft might be an excellent idea, there are a few problems associated with taking such an action.

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America was a different place both before the draft by Abe Lincoln and after Viet Nam.

In the prior time, “We, The Sheeple” joined their State militia.  In the later time, “We, The Sheeple” had see enough young boys ground into hamburger.

I oppose the “DRAFT” as unconstitutional slavery. Ditto of the various forms of “draft” disguised as “training programs”, Gooferment-sponsored volunteer “opportunities”, and any form of “public / private partnerships”.

It’s the “endowed by their Creator” part that prohibits Gooferment coercion.

And, let’s not forget that the Dead Old White Guys abhorred a “Standing Army”, as well as “special militias” like the BATF, FBI, etc. etc. and (let’s not forget) the (well armed) Department of Agriculture.