ECONOMICS: We May Be Heading Towards a Post-Dollar World

This is providing a massive amount of new dollars to bid for goods and services in the U.S. that suggests very strong price inflation ahead. In addition, these dollars, in addition to the dollars directly provided overseas, will also put downward pressure on the greenback on foreign exchange markets that will provide even more incentive for many global actors to ditch the dollar as the reserve currency. If the move away from the dollar picks up steam, the end of the dollar as a reserve currency may not be far behind.

Source: We May Be Heading Towards a Post-Dollar World

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Where will all those new “dollars” go if NOT into higher consumer prices (i.e., more “dollars” chasing fewer consumer goods)?


Spadea to Trump: Let’s reject ‘new normal’

I had the honor of speaking with the President of the United States recently as he called into our morning show.

Source: Spadea to Trump: Let’s reject ‘new normal’

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Bill is adamant that the whole WuFlu crap (i.e., masks, social distancing, closed business, etc.).  Not that there isn’t a virus, but he urges us to back out the nursing home deaths (which may have been due to Gooferment policies).  It’s no worse that the flu.

He’s also pointing out the hypocrisy of Cuomo / Murphy acceptance of “no social distancing” at protests or rioting.

It’s all a farce to take away our freedoms.