Stop saving your umbrella for a rainy day

In Hong Kong, umbrellas are commonly used for sun protection (and a symbol of protest). (AP Photo/Kin Cheung/) Many of us apply sunscreen when we go to the beach. But walking outside under the fierce summer sun—even if it’s to run a quick errand—can be taxing: We sweat, we get exhausted, we burn and we expose ourselves to dangerous UV rays.

Source: Stop saving your umbrella for a rainy day

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As for me, a 63-year-old male living in sunny Texas whose parents had skin cancer, I’ll keep embarrassing my kids by wearing my wide-brimmed dorky dad hat, slathering on the sun screen, donning long-sleeve shirts, and unfurling my portable umbrella when strolling under the sun.

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When you’re old, no one really cares what you look like!

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