Rattling Cages in the Propaganda War

It appears I have rattled some cages. I recently appeared on RT to talk about how the United States weaponizes the dollar and wields it like a billy club to advance U.S. foreign policy objectives. I specifically mentioned how the U.S. can use the dollar-denominated SWIFT payment system as a tool and the threat that this kind of economic warfare poses to the U.S. domestic economy.

Source: Rattling Cages in the Propaganda War

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Not only that, debt monetization by the Federal Reserve makes American interventionist wars possible. U.S. wars since 2001 have cost each American taxpayer $23,000. if they had actually had to write a $1352.94 check to the Pentagon every year for the last 17 years, the foreign wars would have ended long ago. Thanks to the Fed, they don’t have to.

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Boy, is that the truth!!!

I think every tax should be paid as a monthly bill requiring folks to send a postal money order.  That should cause enough outrage to close the USPS, end the wars, and maybe change the system!


Maybe just a bill that has to be paid monthly will be enough!!!

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