AR-15 Not For Home Defense? Tell This Florida Man That

AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File Usually, when the headline contains the word “Florida Man,” you expect to see something ridiculous. The adventures of Florida Man have reached legendary status and are the stuff of mockery, though Floridians would rather their fellow residents show some restraint.

Source: AR-15 Not For Home Defense? Tell This Florida Man That

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A 61-year-old man found himself up against four armed attackers, all younger than him, and the anti-gunners don’t think that’s the time to use an AR-15? He was disadvantaged in every other way possible. His best course of action was to at least have them outgunned as best he could. Even so, he was still wounded.

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AR15’s are the PERFECT weapon for home defense.  ANY weapon is the PERFECT weapon as long as you have one.  And, it’s not in an inaccessible gun safe or the ammo stored far away.  Sigh!

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